Pro Domes

Terms & Conditions


Once the design of the dome is agreed via email, and the 3d models are signed off, you are agreeing to the design of the dome. The size, and positions of the opening windows, doors can not be changed once gone in to manufacture.



As the domes are custom made, allowing a wide range of add ons/options, the manufacture and delivery can take some time. In usual circumstances, delivery is between 12-16 weeks, but can sometimes be quicker & can sometimes be longer due to unforseen delays within the shipping world. Please allow up to 16 weeks for delivery of the dome. 


We offer a 2 year warranty on all small parts of the dome. This does not cover the stuctural of the dome such as PVC & metal framework. If there are any problems with parts such as the door, curtain rail, opening windows, then we will replace any parts within 2 years, this does not cover accidental damage from misuse.